why do we need Personal Development

Why do we need Personal Development?

The question of, “Why do we need Personal Development” is often a question asked by many people. After all it is a life-long process and a way for people to assess their skills and qualities. But is it your responsibility?

Over the past few decades, employers have repeatedly reported they have difficulty finding employees with the skills needed for today’s jobs. Whilst many employees are employed based on specialised or professional skill sets needed for the role, many do not have the everyday skills to be successful in the workplace and/or to promote themselves.

Why do we need Personal DevelopmentEmployees need to continuously improve their skills to do their jobs well. It isn’t good enough to just rest on your what you have learnt to stay employed. Continuous engagement in Personal Development will enhance:

  • Building Employability,
  • Identifying Self Awareness,
  • Understanding Management and Leadership, and
  • Enhancing Lifestyle and Quality of Life.

We all know schooling is important, but it is not sufficient preparation for success in the workplace. Many people recognise knowledge learnt in school or university helps them succeed in their current role; many comment they need to learn new workplace skills for their current job and beyond. Unlike schooling; life-long personal development doesn’t stop. This can be obtained in a number of ways:

  • Personal Development courses,
  • Face to face short classes,
  • Online short courses, and
  • Informal learning from workplace colleagues.

While it is best practice for an employer to continuously invest in their employees’ skills and knowledge; employees must also take responsibility to invest in themselves. This commences with a commitment to Personal Development.

Employees, and potential employees for that matter like those not currently employed, must invest in Personal Development to maximise potential opportunities and their sustainability in both the workforce, and achieving their life goals.

In recent studies, over 75% of employees acknowledged employers assisted in the development of new workplace skills. More importantly, those who engaged in their own Personal Development were employed longer, promoted sooner and were successful in achieving their life goals.

So why do we need Personal Development? Here are some small benefits:

  1. Personal Development begins with Self-Awareness;
  2. Self-Awareness leads to a Sense of Direction;
  3. A Sense of Direction attributes to Improved Focus and Effectiveness;
  4. With an Improved Focus, your level of Motivation is enhanced;
  5. The above benefits lead to a Greater Resilience to what life deals you; and
  6. Finally, More Fulfilling Relationships.

Why do we need Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development is often a much used and maligned term; it is about the determination to commit to investing in your greatest asset – YOU. This sounds selfish, however ensuring your Personal Development is on target, will allow you to assist others.

Therefore the question, Why do we need Personal Development can be simply answered with “Absolutely”.

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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the Free Guide. I am interested in your 17 Day Program. Can you send more information on this one thanks.

    Cheers Angela

    • tr41n1ngB0x
      tr41n1ngB0x says:

      Hi Angela

      Thanks for your enquiry and trust you got something out of the Free Guide.

      Instead of sending you back to our website, I have sent you an email with details.

      Cheers Craig


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