Safe Manual Handling Techniques


Manual handling continues to be the most significant contributor to workers compensation claims representing over one third of all major workers compensation claims. The importance on having policies and procedures in place which lead to Safe Manual Handling practices has never been greater.

Incorrect manual handling not only affects an individuals ability to perform their work tasks to the best of their abilities, but also hinders their family and social life, often leading to unnecessary stress and financial problems.


Safe Manual Handling course

This Safe Manual Handling course you will develop your knowledge on:

  • What is Manual Handling
  • Legal requirements and responsibilities
  • Risks and causes of poor Manual Handling
  • Assessing Manual Handling tasks and the management of risk
  • Applying proper lifting techniques
  • Putting correct techniques into practice

Recommended for:

  • For all Employers, Contractors and Employees;
  • All students commencing work for the first time; and
  • Basically everyone.

This Professional Development Safe Manual Handling Awareness course is a non -accredited course, which does not require a formal qualification. Non-accredited courses provide several advantages if gaining a qualification is not a key reason for the learning:

  • Great for a Refresher
  • The course can be built around a client’s specific training needs
  • There is no formal assessment requirement