Fire Safety


The purpose of this course is to provide general knowledge in fire awareness, fire safety and emergency response in the workplace.

In general terms, this course provides participants with the knowledge of what precautions they can take to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a fire that may result in death, injury, or property damage and to better enable those threatened by a fire to survive in and evacuate from affected areas, or to reduce the damage caused by the fire.


Fire Safety Courses

This handy Fire Safety course is very useful for all employers and employees to understand the basics around fire safety. The course covers:

  • Identify and thus prevent common fire hazards in the workplace;
  • Identify the different types of fire extinguishers and their purpose;
  • Understand the process for correct use of a fire extinguisher; and
  • Respond correctly in the case of an emergency.

Recommended for:

  • For all Employers, Contractors and Employees;
  • All students commencing work for the first time;
  • Renovators and Weekend Warriors; and
  • Families and everyone.

This Professional Development Firs Safety Awareness course is a non -accredited course, which does not require a formal qualification. Non-accredited courses provide several advantages if gaining a qualification is not a key reason for the learning:

  • Great for a Refresher and CPD Points*
  • The course can be built around a client’s specific training needs
  • There is no formal assessment requirement

* Check with your association as to whether the course will meet CPD guidelines.