Professional Development

Professional Development. Is it Important?

Professional Development in the Workplace

In today’s business world, you will find a rapidly changing environment. Any company that isn’t willing to invest, and/or re-invest in professional development courses for their employees, will place the company at risk.

Developing the effectiveness and competency of employees is usually the driving factor for a company’s decision to either provide or request employees action a professional development plan. It has been shown, that implementing a Professional Development program will increase the level of morale in the workplace. By positioning employees to advance their career opportunities through developing new skill sets, they will gain insights into an area of the organisation they might have never had a chance to work with before.

Professional Development

It is critical for employers to recognised that making an employee feel a part of the vision, to feel special, to be rewarded for the hard work they have put in, will only enhance the commitment and buy in from the employee back to the business. In doing so, the benefits will flow back to the company:

  • Employee Engagement – The relationship between employee and their direct manager cannot be underestimated for any successful business. The employee tends to be more productive and happy.
  • Disengaged employees on the other hand, those who do not partake in Professional Development can easily become disruptive and poisonous to the fabric of the culture.
  • With the correct Professional Development programs implemented, the young employees of today can one day become the leaders of a company. Companies should always consider developing managers and leaders from within.

For many organisations, learning and development takes time and energy to see results. For the employee it will sometimes take them out of their comfort zone. Employers and employees need to understand the value of continuous professional development in the workplace as it leads to a culture of life-long learning. The benefits of professional development for an employee will more likely see and extension of their career, minimise employment risks and improve their employability.

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