• Office Ergonomics Awareness Course
  • Office Ergonomics course
  • Office Ergonomics course

Office Ergonomics


The Office Ergonomics program applies to employers and employees working in an office/administrative type setting.

It will provide basic information needed to recognise and report signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s).  It addresses the key components of an ‘ergonomics’ program and provides information to assist both employers and employees in minimising the risk of developing work-related MSD’s.


Office Ergonomics course

Our Office Ergonomics course is designed to assist you to:

  • Define the terms related to the study of ergonomics;
  • Recognise the general requirements of the ‘Ergonomics Standard’;
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of injury to the muscles and skeleton;
  • Identify risk factors for injury to the muscles and skeleton and the importance of early reporting;
  • Specify controls and work practices to reduce and/or eliminate risk factors for injury to the muscles and skeleton; and
  • Specify how to report MSD signs, symptoms, and hazards in your job, and how employers are required to address them.

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Recommended for:

  • For all Employers, Contractors and Employees;
  • All students commencing work for the first time; and
  • Family and basically everyone.

This Professional Development Office Ergonomics Awareness course is a non -accredited course, which does not require a formal qualification. Non-accredited courses provide several advantages if gaining a qualification is not a key reason for the learning:

  • Great for a Refresher and CPD Points*
  • The course can be built around a client’s specific training needs
  • There is no formal assessment requirement

* Check with your association as to whether the course will meet CPD guidelines.